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Re: [linuxgames] Game Developers Conference

I'll be attending the GDC again this year.

> What really is the reason for charging silly amounts of money for an expo?
> I've never understood that. A normal small fee, like a movie ticket, would
> be just fine.

The price is a bit high.  Not to mention anything without the sessions is
a waste of time IMHO.

> Btw, what would Linux gamers/developers do on  GDC? Isn't it solely for
> Windows/XBox development nowadays?

It covers all game platforms including Gamecube, Playstation 2, and
Gameboy Advance.  But the information in most of sessions can apply to
any platform.  After the talk on adaptive difficultly by the creators
of Crash Badicoot Racing, I wanted to fire up Tux Kart and try to
implement something similar.  Chris Crawford tutorial on storytelling
at the first GDC I went to was worth the price of admission by itself

Dennis Payne