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Re: Which Game SDK to choose?

Em Seg 16 Fev 2004 18:52, Poizon escreveu:
> Furthermore, the
> uncommercial Qt version for Windows is the old 2.3.2, but I want to have Qt
> 3 on my Linux machine.

It depends on how much energy potential users should invest into getting the 
stuff running.
I've seen it working quite nicely several months ago, it should run even 
better now.

> SDL + wxWindows:
> This is the first approach I have thought of: SDL shall be used for the
> game engine, wxWindows for the map editor, integrating an SDL surface. I
> haven't tested it yet, but there has been a discussion on it at the SDL
> mailing list in January 2003, and people seemed to believe it is possible.
> This solution would be nice, too because wxWindows is able to do Python and
> Perl, too. Addionaly, I would get the Look & Feel of a normal GTK+/Windows
> application. Has anyone ever tried this?

SDL works with basically every toolkit in the universe.
I'm using it myself in combination with Qt.
You'll most likely need to wrap key events/sequences, mouse events etc. but 
that's not much work.

> SDL + ParaGUI:
> ParaGUI is a library to create a GUI inside an SDL surface. This would meen
> that the map editor will not look like a normal windowed app but why not?
> Would you like this?

Have a look at the game freelords, they're using it for about anything.
Unfortunately paragui is in maintenance mode as it seems.

> PowerPak:
> I have seen it on resources page on lgdc and it sounds pretty good. Has
> anybody used it?

I haven't seen anything on LGDC for a long time. Is it just me or do the 
webpages not work :-)