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Re: Which Game SDK to choose?

On Monday 16 February 2004 19:18, Josef Spillner wrote:

> I haven't seen anything on LGDC for a long time. Is it just me or do
> the webpages not work :-)

They actually don't seem to work now - previously they just were 
unmaintained ;)
I haven't been able to find out why exactly it's broken. I suspect some 
stealthy side-effects of the PHP upgrade we did recently, but I can't 
really pin it down.

As a simple "solution" I'm now replacing lgdc-the-webapp with 
lgdc-the-dumped-static-pages. As nothing changed on there for at least 
the past 2 years anyway, this shouldn't really change anything (except 
for speeding up load times :).

Christian Reiniger

Drink wet cement. Get stoned.