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Re: Which Game SDK to choose?

Poizon wrote:

My first attempt was to use the Allegro library for the game and Qt for the map editor. You can get the code at SourceForge.
You could try my 'PLIB' library suite.  (plib.sf.net)

It's cross-platform: Windoze, Linux, BSD and MacOSX. (maybe Solaris and IRIX
too if you don't mind fiddling with it to get it to install!)

It's a suite of libraries that install together in one bundle (so you don't
have a lot of dependancies - and you don't have to worry about one component
being upgraded to a new version in a way that makes the other components break).

The latest CVS version is totally independent of the base windowing library - so
you can use it with GLUT, SDL, GTK, FLTK, etc or (very soon) with it's own
windowing library which will be a part of the bundle in the next major release.

In the bundle you'll find a 3D scene graph library, a GUI that uses OpenGL to
do it's rendering, a simple sound library, joystick support, a C-like scripting
language interpreter, a vector math suite, etc.

It's all written in C++ under LGPL.

The (sadly failed) PrettyPoly modeller used PLIB with FLTK for a typical
tools type application - and there have been many games based on PLIB and GLUT.
A couple of people have used PLIB with SDL and my latest work is working
with PLIB by itself (using PLIB's own built-in, minimal windowing layer).

Making your tools work within the game itself should be pretty easy.

Since PLIB is a suite of libraries, it's easy to drop out one component and
use something different - so if you don't like the sound library, you can
simply not link to it and pick up (say) OpenAL instead.

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