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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

Ian Crawford schrieb:
> > Is Linuxgames.org just a pipe dream or vapor ware 'cause it's been a
> > long time since there has been any activity on the website.... and if
> > this is only nothing but hot air, then please tell us so... I'm was
> > really hoping that linuxgames.org could help me out in developing games
> > for Linux... Thanks
> What would you like to see there?  What would help?

The linuxgames.org site - and this list - currently remind me
a little bit of the late lamented Freedows project; there
seems to be more talk about how to organize the site than
about code.

The above notwithstanding :-), I'd like the site to simply
be a finger on the pulse of the real coding efforts, namely
Clanlib, Crystal Space, SDL, and any other serious groups
I've forgotten.  One way it can do this is switch to using
Freshmeat or a Freshmeat-style interface to keep track of
new releases of game sdks.  

Freshmeat really is a great resource, and linuxgames.org
should use it rather than duplicate it, I think.
Their games page is http://core.freshmeat.net/appindex/x11/games.html
They don't have a games SDK page; e.g.
 Clanlib is under development/libraries
 Crystal Space is under console/graphics
 Gnu GAMES is under X11/games
Perhaps we could ask Freshmeat to create a development/game_sdk
category to hold all that stuff?

- Dan

Speaking only for myself, not for my employer