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problems and solutions

whoever mentioned that (I accidently erased the message) I agree.  I find myself
in the odd position of wanting to write a game and yet having absolutely no
frame of reference to start from.  I have programmed with Java and C/C++, but
mainly as either developing business apps designed for a very specific problem
or patching said code from others.

I know what my game is about, I know what it should look like, I know how it
should work I just don't know where to go from the "pipe-dream" stage to get it
started on its way to reality.

For those interested, it is a sci-fi game.  It would be based around a
military/business theme where you do the "resource management/conquer the
galaxy" thing.  I have typed out and hand written descriptions of how everything
should go.  Plus, even some background info on the universe it is set in.  I've
been fooling around with a few classes in Java to give myself the false
impression that it's going somewhere, but my talents as a game designer don't
seem to include how to put it into code. :-\

Java is a nice platform (if a little slower than others) and I would like to
stick to it.  Any help (any at all) would be appreciated.

(is that a big enough problem?)

(I signed up for a dragon-isle account but it no longer works... hmmm)