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Re: problems and solutions

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Darel Finkbeiner wrote:

> For those interested, it is a sci-fi game.  It would be based around a
> military/business theme where you do the "resource management/conquer
> the galaxy" thing.  I have typed out and hand written descriptions of
> how everything should go.  Plus, even some background info on the
> universe it is set in.  I've

Sounds interesting, what's the basic system?

> been fooling around with a few classes in Java to give myself the false
> impression that it's going somewhere, but my talents as a game designer
> don't seem to include how to put it into code. :-\

I guess the fundmental first step after design, for me, is to ignore the
details (like gui etc) and just get a few of the basic object
interactioning properly with each other.  ie How will your space ships

> Java is a nice platform (if a little slower than others) and I would
> like to stick to it.  Any help (any at all) would be appreciated.

Have you seen the Universe project?  It's been going for a few years, and
boardlty sounds like your above objectives.  However they have quite a bit
of Java code, so it should provide you with somewhere to start.

Goto: http://home.rmi.net/~starkey/Universe/

In fact they have an idea of a scheme, which might be what you are looking
for.  http://home.rmi.net/~starkey/Universe/Schemes.html

Hope that helps,

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