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mingw32 and others...

> mingw32 is the "Minimalist GNU Win32 Package".  I'm no expert, but it is
> basically gcc (and other utilities) that run under win 32.  I use it when
> I don't have a Linux machine handy instead of something icky like Visual
> C++.
> There are apparently other options available like cygwin32, lcc-win32, and
> an
> add-on to djgpp, but I've never used any of them.  Anyone?

Ah... I've had some success using cygwin32.  I've only actually used it
for some small utilities (file converters and filters, mostly) but I
hear it can be used to compile Eterm.  It's also kinda nice to run
bash... a comfort zone, if you will.

I wasn't aware of any alternatives... I'll play around with mingw32 and
Mesa later.  Right now I have a Windows help file to proof read... you
have no idea how thrilled I am about this.