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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

Brett_A._Letner@notes.up.com wrote:
>>> The linuxgames.org site - and this list - currently remind me
>>> a little bit of the late lamented Freedows project; there
>>> seems to be more talk about how to organize the site than
>>> about code.
>Dead on.

I think our main problem is that most of us are simply busy with their
respective game sdk. Keeping a website up-to-date, preparing code examples,
writing tutorials/editorials/... is time consuming. And it's especially
hard if it has to be done *in addition* to some "main duty".

I see my "main duty" to make (and later keep) PenguinPlay a successful and
flourishing project and I find it difficult to also concentrate on the LGDC
at the same time.
Multitasking humans is unfortunately much more costly (in terms of time)
than multitasking computers as there's no Brain::SaveState () and
Brain::RestoreState () mehods - just Brain::GetIntoThatAgain (topic_t T)

>The main thing I would like to see is more code posted.  Posting specific
>problems, solutions, and ideas would greatly enhance the game making
>process.  It would help me immensely to see what problems others are
>running into and the many different ways people go about solving them.  It
>doesn't really matter that your game is totally different from mine, I
>think we all can benefit by sharing our experience.

Well, there's Rob as Webmaster and Peter volunteered for taking care of the
"News" part (right, Peter?)
But they can't do the main content part - that's simply too much work.

Well, there are quite some people on this list that want to get into Linux
game programming, right? My suggestion is: team up, agree <grin> to write
some very simple game (important!!) for now and simply start desinging and
If you run into problems post a question to this list. I'm sure someone
can help in most cases. Well, and when you have something running, place
the code on the LGDC site and write about your experiences.

That way the contents of this site would be "authentic" (written by *game*
programmers) and it wouldn't take you too much extra time as you want to
write games anyway. And as soon as there is some working game code it is
relatively easy for us SDK coders to modify it into using our respective
SDKs => good comparison stuff, more SDK flaws detected etc.

>Just to show that I'm not (totally) hot air, I'll get the ball rolling.
>Is anyone else out there using mingw32 as their compiler when they are away
>from their home machine?  I am, and I would like to get mesa to work under
>mingw32 on NT.  Does anybody have experience with this?

Great. Can you - when you got it running - write something about it?


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