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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

On Wed, 06 Jan 1999, you wrote:
>> Space Trading game.
>> coding goals (short term, the "simple" game):
>> - create ports where items can be traded.
>> - create ships to transport these items
>> - create a star system to put the ports and ships in, simplest version would be
>> one port per star to begin with
>> - create a market, a way of varying the price of items from port to port and a
>> system of currency
>> As stated this would be a fairly simple version of the full game, but would be
>> an excellent starting point.  Right now I am *very* interested in making it a
>> Java project.  If someone wants to help me out, and insists that it must be in C
>> or whatever, I can bend.  But if it is simply you have no experience with Java,
>> then I would say that Java is very easy to learn.
>What if we just make it a strategy game?.... I'm asuming that we need this simple
>game to show off some graphics etc.. for the other libs??... So lets say we make it
>an Economic strategy game.... with Economic influence in replacement for invading
>other star systems??... so we'll have these star ports etc. and trade ships etc..
>but we'll also have something of an incentive other than getting rich. ??...
>and then maybe we can show off some graphics with the interface or something like
>that.. just a simple game... It doesn't need endless levels, ultra - hard AI... we
>just need to design it a bit.. then write some code... add some more code... and
>let the opensource evolution decide what to do with it.
>So we'll be able to get over and done with our main objectives which are... to
>Illustrate how to make a simple game on Linux... (for other new would be linux game
>developers)..... to show off some of the libs or sdks that the LGDC is trying to
>promote... And then we write an article or paper on our experience....

This sounds like a good idea.  Have a sort of "stock" that you could buy into
the ports so that you could "take over" each port and add it to your company. 
This lends itself well to entering into a military version of game at a later
Absolutely, this should be a way to show off how Linux can make a slick game
just as well as any other platform.  I would like to have a separate place to
discuss the "down and dirty" of this project.  (ack, I used the word project to
talk about something I am working on).
Find me a spot where I can upload stuff to.  I will put up docs on the
background for the game world and also my thoughts on some of the innards of the

I think we ought to have a system of some sort for communication within the
objects.  I suppose there are many examples of this sort of thing and it would
also depend on whether we wanted to go with one of the language specific kits
like ClanLib.

As I mentioned I think Java would be a great lang for it, but we may want to go
with one of the SDKs listed on LGDC.  I can work with C or Java, so this is
really a matter of comfort for the other programmers.  (it's just that you don't
have to port Java, it just works)

let's get either a) a mailing list for this thing or b) a website or c) both.