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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

On Wed, 06 Jan 1999, you wrote:
>Christian Reiniger wrote:
>> Well, there are quite some people on this list that want to get into Linux
>> game programming, right? My suggestion is: team up, agree <grin> to write
>> some very simple game (important!!) for now and simply start desinging and
>> coding.
>> If you run into problems post a question to this list. I'm sure someone
>> can help in most cases. Well, and when you have something running, place
>> the code on the LGDC site and write about your experiences.
>  OK.... VERY GOOD idea!!...
>        So other people on the list.... Do you want to make a simple game?....
>what simple game do you want to write?...... Lets get started on this!..... And
>lets get the ball rolling!!!....

Well, here is my stuff then.

I had a previous post giving a general outline of a game.  I have thousands of
details, but need a "simple" starting point.  How about this:

Space Trading game.
coding goals (short term, the "simple" game):

- create ports where items can be traded.
- create ships to transport these items
- create a star system to put the ports and ships in, simplest version would be
one port per star to begin with
- create a market, a way of varying the price of items from port to port and a
system of currency

As stated this would be a fairly simple version of the full game, but would be
an excellent starting point.  Right now I am *very* interested in making it a
Java project.  If someone wants to help me out, and insists that it must be in C
or whatever, I can bend.  But if it is simply you have no experience with Java,
then I would say that Java is very easy to learn.

here is my idea, if someone wants to get onboard I would love it.