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linuxgames.org on php !!!

Hello alll .. 

After getting the tarball from Rob I played around a bit ( thanks for doing
some nice modular html editing .. amde it alot easer for me ) 

anyway .. I have a test page up and running on lg.tudols.com

go have a look and tell me what you think .. 

the idea is to have the site linked to a database that has all the info like
news the libs and all that . at the moment I have the news and tools section on
php3 ... but I need to look at the others as well .. 

can you guys please have a look and maybe send me a list of the sections and
the possible options there is eg.

tools /highlevel 

API name : 
API homepage : 
Supported platform ( all possible platforms if possible )
Main langauge ( all possible programming langauges ) 

and so forth to make including any variation of options into the database 

Well .. you could say this end the silent period on the web for my regarding
the site .. 

I am however working from home with no internet connection so it might be a bit

commants and such please ?

P.S. I know the news order is revurse .. I'll fix it today ;)