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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

Bryan Patrick Coleman schrieb:
> I think one thing that would be helpfull is if the library people would
> occasionaly give this list the major updates of the various projects. That
> may give people ideas in and of its self.
> I am not saying every time you tweek a piece of code post it here, thats
> what thouse lists are for. But say if the new release has come out give us
> an idea of what the deal is.
> I personaly can't subscribe to all of the lib devel lists as I get way too
> much mail as it is. But I am still interested in how the libs are doing.

I agree.  And IMHO it would be good to start a second mailing list for
discussion of a simple game.  A lot of us API developers might be
willing to handle particular questions, but would be turned off
very quickly if this list started being dominated by discussions
of whether an orc or a goblin should be placed near the door
on level 2...

To those who want to see how to start writing a game, I suggest
you look at other existing games, and making changes to them,
before writing your own.  Just as with foreign languages,
programming games is best learned IMHO with a 90/10 mix of
reading other people's code and writing your own.
- Dan
Speaking only for myself, not for my employer