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Re: Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

Bryan Patrick Coleman wrote:

> solitare game I have seen for Linux. Pysol is playable on all of the
> platforms that python has been ported to. Even though some complain of the
> speed it is much faster than java from what I have seen. And lots of
> people have been looking at java.

Well, lots of people are looking into Java and related scripting languages
*for their tools*.  Sun would have you believe otherwise, but it doesn't
look like there will be any games sometime soon written in full Java.
Editors, modellers, level builders, event scripting etc are more and more
being done in Java (as opposed to eg MFC or VB) but most people
don't see Java as viable for games just yet -- 'real' games that is, not
hacked up versions of Solitaire.  I mean, respect for that kind of games
but it's not Q3.

> Personaly I wouldn't touch the stuff but
> each to his own. Guile which is a dialect of scheme which is a dialect of
> lisp showes promise as GNU wants to make all future gnu programs extesable
> through guile. the Gimp also uses a type of lisp script foo for it
> extentions.

Btw, a bit offtopic, everything GNU is Scheme --gotta love MIT for
this, I guess :)  -- but I read something about a C interpreter, just as
generic, once finished easily pluggable in every app that has a scheme
interpreter right now.  Anyone knows if this is still going anywere ?
I think a VM which JITs C (a la Unreal, without the JIT) may be
easier for the developers than a VM JITing Java (at least that's
what Carmack is thinking, and I kindof trust the man :)


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