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Re: Is Linuxgames still alive?

Bert Peers schrieb:
> This sounds very interesting, is there an URL on the site ?
Not yet.  I'll put up a page as soon as the company has
finally settled on license terms and actually released the code.

> But, just to stay in line with previous posts, would you
> consider writing a doc on some truths and don'ts you
> discovered while writing this API ?  
Here are three:
http://alumni.caltech.edu/~dank/mp.html  - multiplayer game design
http://alumni.caltech.edu/~dank/peer-nat.html - life behind NAT
http://alumni.caltech.edu/~dank/overlap.htm - serial i/o in win32

> I'm not an expert on licenses, but I've noticed that most
> developers hate it when they can't twiddle or "fix" a lib
> without keeping the "fixes" for themselves.  

Not quite sure what you mean by "keeping the fixes for themselves".
What I'm thinking is that the library will be available under two
  Open Source - using a license like QPL http://www.troll.no/qpl/
  This would require you to share your fixes with the world,
  although you would retain copyright,
  and wouldn't require you to pay anyone for the right to use
  the original code or anyone else's contributed fixes.

  Commercial - This would let you keep your changes private,
  but you'd have to pay Activision for the right to use the
  original code.  Because of the QPL, you wouldn't have to pay
  anyone to use the contributed fixes that Activision had
- Dan

Speaking only for myself, not for my employer