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Re: Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

Bert Peers schrieb:
> Actually, rumour has it that D3D (== MS) and OpenGL
> (== SGI) are going to merge in DX, euh, was it version 9 ?
> Codename Fahrenheit, released in, er, 2 years or something.
> So OpenGL 2.0 would become Fahrenheit 1.0, ditto for
> Direct3D 9.0.

It's probably best to be paranoid here, and assume that
Microsoft's goal is to utterly crush OpenGL.  I suspect
that OpenGL compatibility will somehow not be their
top priority, and that the Fahrenheit name will fade
away.  They only did the Fahrenheit thing to get
SGI to stop pushing OpenGL.

If you look at Microsoft's published block diagrams,
they show OpenGL being implemented as a compaibility
layer on top of D3D, which is a pretty good way to
make sure that their implementation of OpenGL is always
slower and buggier than D3D.
- Dan
Speaking only for myself, not for my employer