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Re: Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

Michael Maher wrote:

>> GGI.  GGI is a low level library to interface graphics
>> targets, like the libraries mentioned above.  Unlike
>> the libraries above, though, it is multi-targetted.
>> Without recompiling the game, it can run under X11,
>> SVGALib, Glide, and whatever other targets you happen
>> to have.
>I didn't realize this.. do you have any links to apps that take advantage
>of this?  I'd like to test some of this out to see if I can get ggi apps
>to run on systems that don't have a GGI kernel. 

GGI consists of two main parts - LibGGI (the library Jonny mentioned above)
and KGI (the thing you most likely mean).

KGI is the "Kernel Graphics Interface", a replacement for fbcon etc, the
thing that has to be patched into the kernel. I still believe it will be in
the mainstream kernel someday ('cause it's simply better than fbcon), but
that's still far off.

LibGGI is the main thing about GGI right now. LibGGI apps can run almost
everywhere - X, svgalib, glide, aalib etcetc.
Penguin2D runs on top of libggi - and it runs fine in an X window here (a
plain old X server - no KGI/fbcon installed. Not even svgalib. And yes, it
runs ;)

You should grab the recently released libggi beta from ftp.ggi-project.org,
build it and have a look at their demo "apps".


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