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Re: Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

> Actually, rumour has it that D3D (== MS) and OpenGL
> (== SGI) are going to merge in DX, euh, was it version 9 ?

Just to be anal, SGI started OpenGL but they don't have control over it
anymore.  OpenGL is now governed by the OpenGL ARB (architecture review
board) of which SGI and Microsoft are both members (see
http://www.opengl.org ).  SGI and Microsoft both distribute their own
implementations of OpenGL, but to do many others (Mesa, for instance, is
an implementation of OpenGL, though you can't actually say that since it
hasn't actually passed (read "taken") the OpenGL conformance tests
because they cost money.  It is, however, recognized by the OpenGL ARB
and they mention it both on their website and in the OpenGL Programming