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Re: Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

Bryan Patrick Coleman wrote:
> > this, I guess :)  -- but I read something about a C interpreter, just as
> > generic, once finished easily pluggable in every app that has a scheme
> > interpreter right now.  Anyone knows if this is still going anywere ?

What you are reading about is most likely Guile, the GNU scheme
interpreter/extensibility library. The idea behind Guile is to make it
so that it not only interprets Scheme, but can interpret any number of
languages for which wrappers to Scheme have been written. One of these
is CTAX, a C-ish language. They haven't gotten very far on these
projects, despite Richard Stallman's urgings to write an Emacs Lisp
wrapper so he can make Guile the new language subsystem for Emacs.

> Although its not really interpretation, is that a word, but the dynamic c
> or is that c++ that are used in xhedgehog are the same kind of thing sort
> of in a way. The person who developed GAMES, who I think reads this list,
> would know more about that.

I know what you're referring to here. You know how Netscape plug-ins
work? Essentially, the base app (that is, Communicator) has function
hooks in it and expects to find some functions in a DLL and when it
loads the DLL, looks for those functions and a bunch of other
information within it. That's basically how the dynamic expansion works
in Xhedgehog: some of the code is moved out to a DLL and when the
program runs, the base code looks for a DLL and loads the data. This is
how I create different scenes, enemies, and characters for Xhedgehog and
GNUdius. It's no big deal, anyone who knows how to work with the
functions in dlfcn.h can do it, but adds a great deal of functionality
to what might otheriwse be a static game that gets boring easily. It has
even been used in such games as Quake2.

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