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Re: Not a HOWTO but a guide of some sort...

Michael Maher <mike@redhat.com> wrote:
> > GGI.  GGI is a low level library to interface graphics
> > targets, like the libraries mentioned above.  Unlike
> > the libraries above, though, it is multi-targetted.
> > Without recompiling the game, it can run under X11,
> > SVGALib, Glide, and whatever other targets you happen
> > to have.
> I didn't realize this.. do you have any links to apps that take
> of this?  I'd like to test some of this out to see if I can get ggi
> to run on systems that don't have a GGI kernel. 

Links a-plenty at the GGI project homepage, 
They've ported a number of big projects with source
available, including IIRC doom, descent, crystalspace,
and mesa.

The kernel-patching thing is a misconception that the
GGI group has been quelling for a while.  I'm happily
running libggi on my (unpatched) 2.0.35 kernel 
right now.

The kernel patch would only be required for something
called the KGI, a subproject of GGI.  What that does
and whether it's a good thing is a whole different
discussion, but suffice it to say that if you did
patch your kernel with the KGI, the KGI would then 
become only one of the possible display targets of
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