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Re: A Book?

Bryan Patrick Coleman wrote:

>instead of a howto how about a book maybe LDP. If lots of people worked on
>it it could come together really quick.

I'm a bit suspicious if this would work - but if it does it would be a
really great thing.
Who here would contribute to it?

>Basical we, meaning the people on the list, could set up a CVS tree for
>the book and farm out chapters to who ever on the list would like to do

sunsite denmark (our mailing list hosts) surely have some CVS space for
this, so the CVS stuff won't be the problem.

>Most typsetting languages are that after all so the consept wouldn't be
>too hard to adapt say HTML or XML.

I'd choose something like Docbook from the start, i.e. something that can
be (or better is designed for being) converted to at least HTML (for
online reading) and LaTeX (for printing).


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