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A Book?

instead of a howto how about a book maybe LDP. If lots of people worked on
it it could come together really quick.

I have been thinking for some time that CVS could be used in many more
applications than just code. Like developing books with large teams of
people and reseach projects.

Basical we, meaning the people on the list, could set up a CVS tree for
the book and farm out chapters to who ever on the list would like to do
that chapter. Thouse of use on the list who may not have the time to
devote to the book can reveiw the chapters as they develop adding wisdom
and advice which the chapter author could of corse chouse to ignore. 

That way the other chapters are right there for cross referencing and so
on. CVS would allow you to organise your chapter to the others of a
release and get all the way through it before updateing your chapter two
the update info in the others.

Most typsetting languages are that after all so the consept wouldn't be
too hard to adapt say HTML or XML.

As a compleat aside how about the possiblity of using XML in game
development I don't know that much about it but the glade people are using
it to allow for dynamic user interfaces.

Theres also fresco which lets you imbedd aplets within graphics.

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