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Re: outline for Linux Game Programing

Bryan Patrick Coleman wrote:
            Here are my coments for your plan My be I could be of some help,
eventhought I have no experience in game programming.

> For thouse of you who liked the idea of a book project. Here is a rough
> outline. Please make criticizms suggestions etc.
>     1. Introduction
>           + About this book
>           + About the authors
>           + What is Linux
>           + Why use Linux as a game development environment
>           + What do I need to get started
>     2. Starting the design process

                    This point is key in my opinion, to give clear gidelines to
design the game, point out some sort of methodology as you have for designing
other sort of aplications ( bookeping, stock, etc.)

>     3. Writing a simple game
>     4. Stepping up the process
>     5. Choosing a development language
>     6. Choosing a widget set, sets
>     7. SVGAlib
>     8. X11
>     9. GGI
>    10. SDL
>    11. ClanLib SDK
>    12. PTC
>    13. GAMES
>    14. PenguinPlay
>    15. GTK and QT
>    16. Mesa and OpenGL
>    17. CrystalSpace
>    18. Licensing your game

        I think that ther should me more info in sound, some sort of mention to
interprocess comunications, tcp-ip stuff and cross platform issues. Maybe some
sort of information about he modem, even thought more people are using internet
for gaming