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Re: outline for Linux Game Programing

Ian Crawford wrote:

>Sorry this is so short, but I'm on my way out.  I think that this book
>is a great idea and I will gladly write/maintain a section or two.

I'd volunteer for some of the PPlay texts (they have to be written anyway ;)

As for the CVS - Can you handle that together with the other admin stuff?
I mean, you're the list owner; I think it would be best if all that things
were taken care about by one person.

As for the stuff that's needed - so far it's cvs space (for the game(s) and
the book), ftp space (game gfx & other stuff cvs can't handle nicely, plus
releases etc), propably a second mailing list and mailing list archives
(AFAIK that's not set up yet for the linuxgames list - the PPlay lists are
archived as local newsgroups (sunsite.linux.penguinplay.*) on


(A)bort (R)etry (P)retend this never happened ...