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Re: Reasons not to fear Linux game development

taxman wrote:

> Forget  Gnome, KDE is the kicker.  KDE makes it easy for the
> Win9x world to migrate to Linux.  Thats been the whole
> problem with linux, its scary.  KDE puts a familiar face on
> there.  And getting people to use linux as a replacement for
> Win9x is the biggest battle, after that people will start to
> explore other options such as Gnome.

                I agree with you, but KDE needs more work IMHO to be
more optimized in resources consumpiton, as my personal experience with
it I found that it puts a heavy load in my 166 MMX with 32 RAM, when I
upgrade to 64 thing went better. This should be improved.

                    What could be ofo interest of win9x user is the
stability of this desktops, but still they must be optimized to work in
machines with less resources.

                                                Andres Tarallo