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Re: Reasons not to fear Linux game development

>                 I agree with you, but KDE needs more work IMHO to be
> more optimized in resources consumpiton, as my personal experience with
> it I found that it puts a heavy load in my 166 MMX with 32 RAM, when I
> upgrade to 64 thing went better. This should be improved.

I don't really think we should be talking about desktops.  Go to slashdot
to gossip about why one is better than the other.  Let's keep this
specific to games.  I also can tell you that GNOME uses up the same amount
of resources that KDE does if not more..  They both use alot, though there
is no way it can be using 32 megs.

>                     What could be ofo interest of win9x user is the
> stability of this desktops, but still they must be optimized to work in
> machines with less resources.

Enlightenment runs uses 400K, not sure about windomaker but it's low.  I
agree that desktops are important to getting users to use games, HOWEVER..
I think it's more important to focus on games here.  What did they say in
Wayne's World?? "Build the stage and they will come."  Games... we need
games.  :-) 

to the person that had asteroids type questions.. I have a crumb load of
source for you if you want on a working asteroid game.