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improved version of Xpilot (was Re: Reasons not to fear Linux game development)

>I don't really think we should be talking about desktops.
Go to slashdot
>to gossip about why one is better than the other.  Let's
keep this
>specific to games.

Ok.  Linux's strength is its networking, and as such people
should strive to make massivley multiplayer linux games.
What I suggest is a new improved version of Xpilot with nice
graphics and any other interafce enhancements that can be
thought of.  I'm not sure if any of you played a game called
Subspace, but it was a wildly popular Windows9x  Xpilot
ripoff made by Virgin Interactive.  Virgin Interactive
basically made some bad moves and ended up losing money on
the game, and in the end left a lot of the Supspace
community (yes, this game had a community built around it)
blowing in the wind.  If someone would just make an improved
Xpilot the Subspace community would already provide a core
userbase of at least 1000 dedicated 24/7 players.  And one
of the major complaints Supspace players had was that Virgin
Interactive did not make a linux server.  This type of game
is crying out to be made available on linux.

The links for info on Subspace are subspace.vie.com and

Any takers?