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interrupt current thread for a moment...

Hey guys, 

I know this list doesn't have many people on it so I think this is safe
to spam here... 

What I want to do is this:

- Becuase of all the hard work everyone does, and b/c I want 'games' to
get more focus and exposure than they already do..  I want to Gather up
the GPL apps people are working on, and make installable RPMS 
of this stuff.  Get it up on the server so people can download.
Even if it's Alpha.. I don't care.  It get's you more feedback on bugs
hopefully to get it fixed. 

- I want to get your address and shipping info if you are the main contact
or a major maintainer of this stuff so I can send you some free crap. Let
me know what sort of freebies you want.  

I already have done this with Crystal Space.  People aren't sure what to
do with it but it get's them interested.  I definitely want to get some
free stuff to the crystal space guys on this list , so I at least need
your contact info.

thanks.. I'll be working on this stuff over the next month.