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On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Darel Finkbeiner wrote:

> I'm looking for opinions ( and there seem to be no end of them on this list )
> about a good IDE for programming in C/C++.  I thought about gIDE, but I'm not
> sure I want to depend on GTK, they break the whole thing every two weeks, and if
> gIDE is based on that then updates would most likely require updating GTK and
> GTKeditor every time...  a little tedious.
> I tried FTE, but it is rather counter-intuitive for me.  
> Does Xemacs have syntax highlighting?

Just my $.02. Xemacs, xemacs, xemacs. There're plenty of pre-made LISP
stuff floating around for syntax highlighting and such, but it's not too
hard to get your hands dirty and configure it exactly the way *you* want
it. Get a generic book on Emacs, learn what it can do, and I doubt you'll
ever use another development environment again. As far as an IDE goes,
there's no subsititute -- you can interface it with whatever
compilation/debugging tools/utils you're using...use makefiles from within
it, spawn shells in editing windows and test executables, etc, etc. And
it's completely configurable down to every keystroke. :)

There are a couple of ORA (Nutshell) books on GNU Emacs that would
probably be well worth your time...after using Xemacs at home for my C++
and Java IDE, Visual C++ at work starts to look really damn ugly :)

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