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Re: Reasons not to fear Linux game development

>> to the person that had asteroids type questions.. I have a crumb load of
>> source for you if you want on a working asteroid game.

I think you may be talking to me here, if not I apologize.

Anyway, my goal was to interactively create a simple game here

on this mailing list.  I thought it would be instructive to

see a game created from nothing rather than taking a game that is

already created and reviewing it (that could also be quite instructive

I've posted some simple code to get us started, but have no

emotional attachment to it.  Please modify it, throw it out and

post something better, post routines from the game you already

have written, etc...  Anything, but what I really would like

to see posted on this list is _code_.


BTW here is the code I've posted so far if you are interested.

(Can everyone access these attachments?  If not I will post the text.)

(See attached file: simple.c)