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> > I'm looking for opinions ( and there seem to be no end of them on this list )
> > about a good IDE for programming in C/C++.  I thought about gIDE, but I'm not
> > sure I want to depend on GTK, they break the whole thing every two weeks, and if
> > gIDE is based on that then updates would most likely require updating GTK and
> > GTKeditor every time...  a little tedious.
> > I tried FTE, but it is rather counter-intuitive for me.  
> > Does Xemacs have syntax highlighting?
Ill take this one!

There really arnt any. There is RIDE that is a consol based IDE but its
not smart enough to drop the curses thing in X so it doesn't work, well it
works but only on the consol. 

There is code warrior or jide now I think its called but its quirky and I
wouldn't depend on it. But it has built in support for bison and yacc.

There is of corse gIDE like you mentioned and the developer wants to start
including support for other langauges. It uses gtk but you can always
statically link it. Its the best one so far but the last I checked the
release was 0.0.12 and it worked untill I upgraded my gtk lib now it wont
compile and I don't like it enought to fix it. I made a SRPM out of it if
anyone is interested. Well I really just grabbed the spec from 0.0.7 and
slaped it on the code and built but it worked. Well it worked the first
time before I upgraded  :)

The reason I know all this is I have been setting up a cvs tree and a
mailing list to start a number of projects that will be based around a
central theme. One of which is an ide. After looking at what is out there
I will be basing it on ggi among other things. It will be usable from the
consol X or remotely with a web browser. It will set up projects to use
auto-tools and build into rpm dpkg and tgz. CVS will be used by the
program to handel projects and it will be divorced from any specific
language. However it does not exist yet and may never if I can't find
enough other developers to help.

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