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(FYI I maintain an IDE called xwpe.  I think my comments are fair but
thought I should mention that first.)

Xemacs, as another person mentioned, does syntax highlighting, make,
debugging, etc.  As far I know it doesn't do projects so you have
to manually create a make file.  (This isn't a big deal but I assume
you wanted the IDE to handle that.)

Xwpe has syntax highlighting, make, debugging, etc. including projects.
However, debugging is known to be unstable.  I personally use it as an
editor and simply use Makefiles to compile.  The interface mimics
Turbo C++ which is why I started using it.  (The code is badly designed
so fixing it isn't a simple task.)

RHIDE:  I thought rhide might be a suitable replacement for xwpe but
it's lack of an X interface turned me off.  Since I started creating
I list of other IDE from the xwpe homepage, I have received many
emails saying I should add a note saying that numerous people have
had problem with it.  I still haven't used it much so I don't know
how true this is.

Dennis Payne