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Re: Summary uploaded

Bert Peers schrieb:
> Ok, I've added the TOC, added the extra info about
> GGI...

In the FauxPlay paragraph,
strike: Info about the underlying SDK principles is available here. 
Add: The SDK has advanced networking innards that make it
very compatible with NAT; see

Please add the URL for Scitech MGL:

The SDL paragraph is too generic.  It makes me think
that a lot of these libraries don't fit into categories-
instead, they are all a mix of capabilities.  Maybe
we need a matrix showing '2d, 3d, network, sound, sprites, input'
horizontally, and the names of the libraries vertically;
this would let you see at a glance which packages had
the kind of capability you are looking for.

> > 3. This page should be generated by PHP from
> > a database.
> Ehm, okay.
> What's PHP ? :)
It's a web database integration language.  There's a fellow
working on redoing the linuxgames site to use PHP and
a database.  The page you're working on should be broken
into one database entry per library.  The matrix I mentioned
above should be built from boolean info in the database entries.
For now, you can maintain it by hand, but you really want
to let the library authors (or interested users) maintain their 
database entry themselves.

This matrix is what we could add that would go beyond what
Freshmeat offers.
- Dan
Speaking only for myself, not for my employer