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How to tell which SDKs are popular

In science and engineering, the way one tells whether
a particular article ( = package of ideas ) was useful
and important is to see how many other articles reference
it ( = link to it in their footnotes ).

Similarly, you should be able to tell which game SDKs are
useful and important by seeing how many games (or other
SDKs) use it.  

The database entry for each package on linuxgames should
let you link to the other packages in linuxgames that
it uses.  e.g. when someone writes a game based on
Clanlib, they should pick Clanlib from a scrolling
multiple choice listbox.  When users view the
game's entry, they'll see a list of the SDK's used by
the game (and can click on them to see what they are).
When users view Clanlib's entry, they'll see a list
of what games use it (and can click on them to see what
they are).

Freshmeat may want to do something similar.

Just an idea...
- Dan
Speaking only for myself, not for my employer