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Re: Site updates ?

Bert Peers wrote:

>judging from the News section, there doesn't seem to be much
>moving on the site, despite the recent great posts, overviews
>and URLs ?
> I'm offering to co-author on this, perhaps starting with
>HTMLing Johnny's article and sum up some of the URLs,
>what do you people think ?
> I know someone else volunteered for this before, I'm not
>saying it's not going fast enough, just offering to help
>decrease the  load :)

That would help a lot. Thanks.
Rob, how's your time? Can you take care about placing that stuff on the
site or should someone else jump in?

Another (but quite related) thing: I thing as long as Ryan stays this quiet
we should move the site to sunsite so we can work on it more easily. Their
PHP setup should work up to now, so we can already make the thing dynamic.
With some automatic redirection from www.linuxgames.org/ to
sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/ we also don't have to care about the changed URL
as www.linuxgames.org stays usable.

Rob, Henti, Ian, what do you think?


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