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A simple answer for a simple game :)

Is a complex game with simple implementations. Each peice being an
individual game almost but with a common goal.

>From Glenn Bautista
>    Here are the factors to consider (correct me if I'm wrong or missing
>    The Book.... (the LDP book that they we currently discussing)
>    Simplicity.... It should be simple enough for a newbie to understand
>    Interest.... We should be at least interested in it... or something
>    Other libs.... We should first choose which sdk we'll use.... then
>let the authors worry about porting     it       to the other sdks :)
>    Scope.... As one post I read erlier stated, it should be a bit wide
>in scope... he suggested that there should be a part that is 3d and
>another 2d.... the problem with that is how do we create such a game
>without compromising simplicity?
>    Others...... well, if I left out other stuff to consider, then
>please add to this.
>    So as I said erlier... the main question here, is which one?...
>Linroids, The economic strategy game, or the 3d/2d? asteroids game?...
>which one do you think fits the bill perfectly?.. Thanks!!

I thought Linroids was the 3d/2d asteroids game.

Anyway hear is my thought make the game modular so as each indevidual
peice could be played independently.

The time in which we develop the peice does not means that it has to come
first in the final game.

Say the final game could be a space trading game as like in the original
post about the game.

well the total game time line could be this.

You fight evil corp. and when you "win" or win enough you find out that
evil corp. is really run by some evil outerspace empire. 

This would put you into the next "mode" or module of the game.
Where you would be trading on a galactic scale.

But to get from place to place you sometimes incounter pirates or space
debris. Which is where Linroids would come in.

Now that would give everyone a chance to see there idea implemented.
that way we could all work on all of them. After all what will we do after
we have maid one?

As far as the book the examples could rise in complexity as the book goes
along with the simplest games in the front.

And then the last chapter, or close to the last chapter could be all about
meshing the sub games into a final game.

There for we could actually use all the libraries for diferent parts of
the total game.

In like manner the differnt modual's could be replaced whith more happenin

Let's say the original peice is Linroids-2d edition written with Penguin
2D for example. But you could "plug" in the crystalspace 3d version
instead. (I am not saying here that crystalspace is better than PPlay its
just an example)

This could give a good comparison of the libraries as well, er did I say
that already? Does crystalspace use ggi at all or could it be used by ggi
ie a ggi target? 

I would say we should make the Linroids game first because there would be
no AI involved. And then we could do the Evil corp. game or whatever it
was called. We could even toggle back and forth.

We could make Linroids then make the other then go back to Liroids and
add networking. Then go back to EC and add voice recognition and brail
supprot so blind people could play etc. etc.

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