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Re: interrupt current thread for a moment...

> What I want to do is this:
> - Becuase of all the hard work everyone does, and b/c I want 'games' to
> get more focus and exposure than they already do..  I want to Gather up
> the GPL apps people are working on, and make installable RPMS
> of this stuff.  Get it up on the server so people can download.
> Even if it's Alpha.. I don't care.  It get's you more feedback on bugs
> hopefully to get it fixed.

Sounds excelent.  It would be really cool to actually get some code on
our web page.  I sent an email to the sunsite.auc.dk staff today, so we
might have CVS space to work with soon.

> - I want to get your address and shipping info if you are the main contact
> or a major maintainer of this stuff so I can send you some free crap. Let
> me know what sort of freebies you want.

Like what?  Software?  Hardware?

> thanks.. I'll be working on this stuff over the next month.

Cool.  That gives me some time to get my crap together.  I'm working on
a small game with a friend.  Development is going slowly (because we're
both working fulltime, schooling parttime, trying maintain some sort of
social life, and writing a game) but really well.

The reason I haven't mentioned this before is because... well.. I want
to code, not co-ordinate.  So once I've satisfied my personal coding
needs, I'll open up.