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Re: interrupt current thread for a moment...

> > I already have done this with Crystal Space.  People aren't sure what to
> > do with it but it get's them interested.  I definitely want to get some
> > free stuff to the crystal space guys on this list , so I at least need
> > your contact info.
> Whould you be interested in doing a "chapter" on packagin for the book. I
> know theres the book by Ed Bailey , actualy I know Ed Bailey. But I was
> thinking just a quikie on building rpms once the tar.gz source is done.
> Well maybe something on build scripts. I don't know just something.

I would be interested in doing that.  The book, while comprehensive on rpm
terminology, could be condensed.. 'How do I build an RPM from Source.' and
different strategies to take.  There is also the file system and build
root factors to think about, which aren't stressed as much in the book.