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Re: Publishing the book

On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, Ian Crawford wrote:

>Would you guys be interested in eventually publishing our book?  Let me
>know your thoughts on this.

er, well sorta kinda. It depends on what you mean. I was thinking of
realeasing it as a LDP type book maybe even haveing them have "snapshot"
releases. But then Olaf Kirch's NAG is published by O'Rielly there for
reaching a broder audiance. I would think that O'Reilly would be
interested in this sort of thing, but if you ment published as in getting
paid I don't know what sort of deal O'Reilly would be willing to make.

This could possible create derition (spelling?) here as it will be a multi
author work. I know when QUE publishes one of there huge tomes that have
multiple authors the pay is a one time fee of I think around 200 dollers.
Its treated more like a glorafied magazine article. 

But the nature of using a CVS tree allows for "more" than just the one
author listed. Since it would be someone sending in things like hey Ian
your chapter is great but the lib info for MyLib 2.2 is wrong on this this
and this account I have included a "patch" that you can apply ... Yada
Yada Yada.

This could get really messy so if there are future plans on publishing it
that kind of thing might well be settled now before it would have a chance
of getting into a I wrote that you ******* I want my money kind of a

After saying all that I would still like to see it in print eventualy as
that would bring it to a MUCH larger audiance than just being a free book
on the web.

I know its hard to belive but some people don't use Linux yet but may get
interested in developing games if they thought it was doable.

I still here things like "ya linux may be whatever but it can't do
graphics." So the book would give extra credence to development of games
on Linux hopefully.

... Well, there it is!

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