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Quoting Darel Finkbeiner (darelf@crafton.net):
> I'm looking for opinions ( and there seem to be no end of them on this list )
> about a good IDE for programming in C/C++.  I thought about gIDE, but I'm not
> sure I want to depend on GTK, they break the whole thing every two weeks, and if
> gIDE is based on that then updates would most likely require updating GTK and
> GTKeditor every time...  a little tedious.
> I tried FTE, but it is rather counter-intuitive for me.  
> Does Xemacs have syntax highlighting?

My cool and patented setup:

  2 xterm windows on one desktop. A nice wmmaker to switch betwen my
  windows. Each one contains a Developer Drunk (my own tool) and good old
  joe. Thats right, no (x)emacs, no vim, no gide, no nothing. I've written a
  complete library (ClanLib) with it - and really, its suits me much much
  much much much better than the others editors mentioned here.

What I'm really trying to say with the email is, that you should pick the
nearest editor (since Linux do not have any highquality editors compared
with MS Developer Studio's), and start coding.

> and ability to run make from the IDE and all that would be good.
> and syntax highlighting, gotta have it.

...don't really know what people see in syntax highlighting... no I want a
editor that can help me quickly parse the code so I can keep a good overview
of it. Funny, Microsoft seems to be the only one to deliver...

Magnus Norddahl