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Magnus Norddahl wrote:

>  joe. Thats right, no (x)emacs, no vim, no gide, no nothing. I've written a

>What I'm really trying to say with the email is, that you should pick the
>nearest editor (since Linux do not have any highquality editors compared
>with MS Developer Studio's), and start coding.

Hoooraaayyy! Editor wars *and* Win/Linux wars  in *one* thread!!

I'd like to add here that I'm currently setting up Linux at work to have a
decent text editor for programming ;)

Ok, serious again <chuckle>, sorry, I'll simply tell what I'm using.

For the most parts I code with fte in textmode, with lynx/less/man/plain
bash on other terminals (for reading docs / initiating make runs / testing
the code / ...)

For debugging I usually insert debugging code myself (variable dumps, "loop
x reached" msgs etc) and sometimes I fire up DDD (which is great BTW).

For Java coding I have to be in X to test the programs I wrote, Then I also
use FTE + some file managers / kvts / Netscape windows.

In other words - try some stuff and stick to the tools you like most.

>...don't really know what people see in syntax highlighting... no I want a

It makes code several orders of magnitude more readable for me.


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