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Re: space game

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Ken Dunn wrote:
>On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, Darel Finkbeiner wrote:
>> I am also working on some code in C++
>> mostly just getting objects working that handle the ports and the ships.
>With ships, movement will be required ? Then how the ship
>moves relates to the visual nature of the game (see below). 
>> But that's for later, let me get a few more things nailed down in that 
>> area and
>I disagree. Graphical considerations should come first, a lot of
>back tracking and rewriting can avoiding with some basic planning.
>No too much planning though.

I see the point your making.  I keep too many things in my head. :)
I had envisioned travel as Jump Gate type of things.  Worm holes, whatever we
want to call them, but instantaneous transportation from system to system,
although it may be necessary to code an in-system model as well.
Of course, I haven't even looked at what might be involved in coding the
graphics, but I am hoping that graphics routines can be separated from rest of
game.  That way there could be a change in how the graphics look without
changing the actual game play at all, and free up different sections of the
project from depending on any other given part.  i.e.  someone coding the actual
guts of the Star Ports could do so independantly from the person doing the
graphics for the Star Ports, and simply have an interface system to tie it all

>A tiled based game would most likely be the easiest to impliment, 
>this would restrict it to a 2-d board or scroller. Movement too is
>also related to the type of game, for example with a board game
>quad, hexagonal or octagonal movement could be used. All the the details
>about a ships movement would ideally be contained within an object. 

I agree that 2d gfx would be better as a beginning.  Also, I would like to get
Phil to do some movie clips for the game (the kind you see in an actual
commercial game product).  That way the game is played in a 2d interface with a
3d star map system and movie clips for different special events that happen.

>[I'm NOT experienced when it comes to games, my back ground
>is mostly application & system utilites (in C). If I'd lost 
>the plot, let me know.]
>> darelf@crafton.net
>> (in need a better mail client than the KDE one)
>What is wrong with good old fashioned pine ?
I seem to remember pine as a console app, I haven't even looked at it in 5
years, and only recently got linux up on my home system.  Has it changed with
the times?