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Re: space game

On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, Darel Finkbeiner wrote:

> I am also working on some code in C++
> mostly just getting objects working that handle the ports and the ships.

With ships, movement will be required ? Then how the ship
moves relates to the visual nature of the game (see below). 

> But that's for later, let me get a few more things nailed down in that 
> area and

I disagree. Graphical considerations should come first, a lot of
back tracking and rewriting can avoiding with some basic planning.
No too much planning though.

A tiled based game would most likely be the easiest to impliment, 
this would restrict it to a 2-d board or scroller. Movement too is
also related to the type of game, for example with a board game
quad, hexagonal or octagonal movement could be used. All the the details
about a ships movement would ideally be contained within an object. 

[I'm NOT experienced when it comes to games, my back ground
is mostly application & system utilites (in C). If I'd lost 
the plot, let me know.]

> darelf@crafton.net
> (in need a better mail client than the KDE one)

What is wrong with good old fashioned pine ?