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Re: Not to fear... draft 0.02

Rob Kaper wrote:

>A recent survey concluded that <a
>growth of Linux in 1998 was 212%</a> and it is unlikely to stop growing with
>all the momentum it has been getting lately. <a

Again: The 212% were in the server area. We have to be honest here.

>never be forced upon a vendor and does not apply to the majority of desktop
>users: they are not fanatics refusing to run any proprieraty software.

proprietary ;)

>an excellent article written by ... ... about these common <a
>You can have faith in an open source operating system. Some people might say
>that Linux and other open source software is 'unstable' or capable of being
>'compromised.' This is not true. The fact that all of the source is
>available means that it will be scrutinized by everyone. This ensures that
>the application will not be released as ready until it really is. One might
>ask why they would develop for something in which they --don't-- have the
>source code.

That paragraph sounds familiar - is it a quote from the above mentioned doc?


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