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Re: Not to fear... draft 0.02

> TODO: get the/a Slashdot poll running and include the results.

done. <a
77% would pay money for Linux games</a>.

> <p>
> A small and far from complete list of companies using Linux: Digital Domain
> (creators of the special effects for the movie hit Titanic), the Pepsi
> commercials, CNN, The National Weather Service, NASA, the Department of
> Defense, the Army (military intelligence librettos of death), Fermi labs
> (splitting atoms), the IRS, Turner Broadcasting, Cisco, Sun, Starbucks,
> etc...

I think you should specify that it is the US Department of Defense and the
US Army implied in this paragraph.  I'm pretty sure that (sadly) it would
be assumed anyway, but it would be more correct if it was explicitly

> * There IS money in Linux

I assume the stuff about the poll will be added in here... yes?

> * Make decisions based on research, not misinformation
> <p>
> Quite often news articles or press releases appear on the Internet and in
> other media regarding Linux and its possibilities. Although there are many
> excellent documents on Linux, only few of them have proven to be totally
> accurate. A vast amount of these documents contain misinformation -
> intentially or not - and do not give a good perspective on Linux. There is
> an excellent article written by ... ... about these common <a
> href="http://linux.tqn.com/library/weekly/aa12078a.htm">misunderstandings</a>. 

Hve you found the author of this article yet?  You might want to try
emailing guide@miningco.com, the ones who virtually published it.

It's almost there.  Good work.

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