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Re: Not to fear... draft 0.02

> > TODO: get the/a Slashdot poll running and include the results.
> done. <a
> href="http://www.slashdot.org/pollBooth.pl?qid=linuxgames&aid=-1">
> 77% would pay money for Linux games</a>.

You might want to include some of the commentary as well. 

> > A small and far from complete list of companies using Linux: Digital Domain
> > (creators of the special effects for the movie hit Titanic), the Pepsi
> > commercials, CNN, The National Weather Service, NASA, the Department of
> > Defense, the Army (military intelligence librettos of death), Fermi labs
> > (splitting atoms), the IRS, Turner Broadcasting, Cisco, Sun, Starbucks,
> > etc...

The Starbucks and Turner Broadcasting I was told by the sysadmin, but it
was nothing really official.  Cisco runs their entire printserver network
and much of their NFS on linux.  IRS uses it for internal webservers.  I'm
not sure what the DOD was using it for, but the Army had the coolest
librettos ... I can get urls for that I one I think.  

I thought of 2 more... 

CERN.. runs on linux.
Los Alamos Labs in New Mexico -- huge linux clusters.

There might be a more formal listing floating around.. I'll see if I can
grab a copy.