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Re: Summary uploaded

Dan Kegel wrote:

<fixed some more details, URLs>

> The SDL paragraph is too generic.  It makes me think
> that a lot of these libraries don't fit into categories-
> instead, they are all a mix of capabilities.

Hm, yes, maybe.  I  just split things up to avoid having
one big list of SDKs, and I believed it was making sense,
most libs are for instance gfx-only.  I guess there will some
day be sound only libs or so as well.  I dont know.

>  Maybe
> we need a matrix showing '2d, 3d, network, sound, sprites, input'
> horizontally, and the names of the libraries vertically;
> this would let you see at a glance which packages had
> the kind of capability you are looking for.

Well, my intention was just to hack up the existing page with some
of the more recent infos.  While doing this I thought this (the SDK)
page was supposed to be a general overview, with the comparison
page being the place for such matrices or completion percentages...
I dunno, maybe the original designers can comment on this,
what should be placed where ?  The matrix is definitely a good

> > What's PHP ? :)
> It's a web database integration language.  There's a fellow
> working on redoing the linuxgames site to use PHP and
> a database.

Interesting.  What does it bind to ?  PostgreSQL ?


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