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further stuff for php on lg site :)

Hello one and all again ;)

Few quick questions :) 

As you may or may not have noticed I started working on a php powered little
version of the linuxgames.org site.


anyway .. the effected stuff wil be :

<started working on these>

Available Tools : Platform dependent libs 
                  Low level platform independent libs/APIs
                  Higher level Platform independent libs/APIs 

</started working on these>

In Practice     : the general FAQ 
                  list of known bugs and their workarounds 
                  Strengths and weaknesses of the individual libs examined 
                  List of especially promising combinations (+analysis on the
                  Tips & Tricks 
                  "My first time" (where/how to start) 

Examples        : list of games .. 

How To Start?   : Setting up a project infrastructure
                        Mailing list 

                  Other things

                        finding developers 
                        getting press attention ;) 

Games           : list of games 
SDKs            : list of libs

SDK Compatibility standards 
                : List of known incompatibilities and their workarounds 
                  White papers of compatibility standards + comments on them 

<pretty much done>

News'n'Thoughts : news stuff as in root 

</pretty much done>

Discussions / Mailing List 
                : irc meeting summaries
Links           : list of links


does anybody have a list of possible fields for these as some are not finished
on the linuxgames.orx site ? eg.

Available Tools : Low Level Platform Independent Libraries/APIs has : 

Homepage                        http://www.devolution.com/~slouken/SDL/
Type                            low level interface abstraction
Developed by                    SDL Project
Description                     This library is designed to make it easy
                                to write games that run on several platforms
                                using the various native high-performance media
                                interfaces, (for video, audio, etc) and
                                presenting a single source-code level API to
                                your application. This is a fairly low level
                                API, but using this, completely portable
                                applications can be written with a great deal of
Supported Platforms             Linux, Win32, BeOS, Solaris
Main Language                   C
Existing Language Wrappers      C++
Status                          quickly approaching version 1.0


Now this is current for each section I need suggestions of possible selections 
for supported platform I need a list of all possible supported platform (
hardware only i should think ? ) as well as for all possible main languages ?

Also should I keep status or add version for versioning ?


also some sections don't have a break down yet like Platform dependent libs and
Compatibility Standards. I need a possible list of information that is going 
to be supported as such for each section eg: 

Compatibility Standards :

List of known incompatibilities and their workarounds 
                : list of item headers
                        : header
                        : problem description
                        : workaround description
                        : contact email of author
                        : contact email of workaround author

White papers of compatibility standards + comments on them 
                : list of white paper headers
                        : header
                        : Standerd info
                        : description
                        : url link for standerd
                        : mailinglist

Etc etc etc 

hope you get the meaning :) 

If there is any previos mail covering this please let me know and I'll go dig
it out of the archive and please send lots and lots of comments.