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Re: Linroids

>> As you can see, I added a line between the exit_game and the end_if. I
>> it would be better when things like reset graphic mode / sound would be
in a
>> seperate function (I called it 'reset_anything()'), because when
>> crashes while closing, I would like to have a saved game (as produced in
>> exit_game()).

Instead of putting those calls in a reset_anything() function I moved them
to the exit_program() function, since we will still need our graphics,
etc.. when the gamer is choosing options.  Is that ok?

>> I wonder which graphics library would be the best for such a game... I'd
>> like to use SVGALib (because I know this lib :) or GGI... I haven't a
>> about X programming, maybe somebody can help me out :)

Any takers out there?  The more SDKs that can demonstrate how they would
tackle this simple problem, the better.


(See attached file: simple.c)