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OpenGL questions

I'm preparing to start work on an open source gaming project with a friend
of mine from school...we'll be developing almost entirely under Linux, and
I'm in search of a well-established 2D API for what we're going to be
doing (it'll actually be a ("super")Pong game with lots of bells and
whistles). I've always heard OpenGL mentioned as a 3D API and have heard
that it is easily portable...

What I'd like to know is whether or not OpenGL has enough 2D-specific
stuff to be useful and also how portable it really is? If I write
something using Mesa under Linux, developing with the GNU tools, what are
the chances of me being able to use OpenGL DLLs under Windoze and Visual
C++ if we eventually wanted to make a Windoze version of our game?

Thanks...oh, and I'd also be very interested in doing some coding for
either the Linroids project being talked about or the "Elite"-like space
trading game. I'm very task-oriented, however, so someone would have to
point me in some direction and say "work on this" :)


Joel R. Stanley                   *  jstanley@up.edu       
http://rainier.up.edu/~jstanley   *  #include <std_disclaimer.h>